A look back at September/October and the start of November

A look back at September/October and the start of November

It is great to be back home. The bonefishing has been solid as of the last two weeks with a  100% catch per trip ratio. Rain/clouds are making it difficult however the client guide calibration has been on point!  With all the recent rain a lot of tarpon are still hanging around with the occasional baby permit holding in the same areas as the past summer. On a different note we have a pile of large Milkfish swimming through the creeks of North Caicos. A very rare occurrence. Clients have been throwing my algae fly pattern at them with still no luck.

I am looking forward to another beautiful season and seeing old friends and meeting new ones along the way.

Here are a few pictures of my guiding adventures up north on the island of Nantucket, Ma over the end of summer/early fall followed by some pictures from the past week here in Turks and Caicos! See you out there.

Capt. Will


bluefin tuna fly fishing

fly fishing

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A Recon Video…Enjoy!

A Recon Video…Enjoy!
[tubepress video=”AxqYtSK5Cl0″ description=”false” embeddedWidth=”600″ embeddedHeight=”400″]


Off on a four day camping trip into the unknown. With a total skiff travel time of 400 miles, we officially went off the grid. A recon mission for future fish trips.  The uninhabited islands of the Caribbean are absolutely teeming with life. With out seeing a single boat in the trips entirety it is no wonder there was such a plethora of fish species that were far from shy. We did not kill a single fish on this trip for a meal or of mishandling. The highlight had to have been witnessing the post spawned bonefish coming inshore from a previous full moon tide. It’s a good feeling to leave as little a foot print as possible in such country!