Fishing the Turks and Caicos Islands

Fishing the Turks and Caicos Islands

A glimpse of the past few days! Bonefishing has continued to be good fun. Chasing down the alternative species can be a blast as well! -Capt. Will

turks and caicos dolphin

Some dolphin showing us the way to some “fishy” water.


Bonefish scales are like diamonds reflecting up to 200 degrees of light on each side.

Been having some shots at giant bonefish as of late.

Spawning shrimp fly has been a productive “match the hatch” fly. Shrimp will spawn on the current moon phase.

Calm conditions and tailing bonefish in the mangroves!

Got the TCI slam yesterday. Lots of bonefish, two cudas, and a massive lemon shark on the fly.
DSC_0897After we released this lemon shark, we teased in a monster bull shark only to have an 8 foot nurse shark sneak up and eat our fly.

turks bonefishingAnother bad to the bone!