261476_10150246651429176_139630_n Captain Will has been immersed within the Turks and Caicos’ fishery for the past 20 years. The rich culture has always drawn and connected Will to the ocean and its inhabitants.  Learning from the many talented TCI fishing guides left Will with a deep respect for the Turks islands and it’s unparalleled bonefishery.  

Whether you are a highly accomplished angler (fly/spin) or new to the sport of fishing please give me a call. I will strive to make our journey and pursuit of the wily bonefish one full of learning, encouragement, and laughter.


What to expect on our trip

WIND! Fishing 15-20+ mph wind is basically the norm! The good news is fish spend more time on the flats feeding on windy days then calmer days. As your captain I will strive and cater to your needs’ in any way possible. Bonefishing consists of hours of stalking and a few minutes of catching. In order to become an astute bone fishermen one must be at a juncture in his or her fishing career where you honestly enjoy the hunt and the great outdoors! I specialize in sight fishing uncharted backcountry. On full days we will take an hour boat ride in order to immerse ourselves within the most productive flats. The boat ride can be wet and bumpy, so please bring a rain jacket.

Bonefishing is an art form that takes a lot of practice and patience. Sight fishing for bones is a rewarding yet challenging and technical experience. I highly suggest practicing your cast(double haul) as much as possible before our trip. Like most saltwater destinations we may be fishing in a LOT of wind(trade winds). Learning and practicing your cast (and backhand cast) in solid wind can go a long way, no pun intended. If the angler does not have a lot of fly fishing experience in the wind we will switch to the spinning rod, which is just as fun and can be more productive. Like in golf…please hit the driving range. I look forward to our time on the water in pursuit of this incredible gamefish. It is an experience like no other!

Weather Cancellations 

The Turks Islands is an exceptional destination trip.  All I can say is prepare and expect for  tropical weather (wind/occ. precipitation) Inclement weather comes and goes making it a short term concern. As the proverb goes…If you don’t like the weather…wait five minutes. Predicting a day in advance can be unproductive unless there is a distinct frontal boundary approaching. The backcountry’s marsh holds many micro climates and does not have a forecast. Days I determine that are not conducive to fishing, I will reach out to you the night before or the morning of our trip. It is rare to cancel a trip due to weather. Most days you do not know unless you go!



Bonefish Tarpon Trust Conservation Captain

Publications including ESPN, Atlantic Salmon Journal, and Sporting Classics 

Achieved a super grand slam on the fly in one day. He was guided by Capt. Jared Raskob out of Islamorada. (permit,bonefish,tarpon,snook,redfish)

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Trip Rates:

*1 or 2 anglers max 

*Please note prices include a 12% government tax*

*Please be advise that I exclusively fish full day trips from December 16-April.

Summer season: 3/4 day trips from April-Dec.16   

  • Full days / $1000 / 8 hour trip
  • 3/4 day / $800 / 6 hour trip (ONLY April-Dec. 16)
  • Accept cash/US check(William Vallely)/Paypal (4% fee)/Venmo William-Vallely 
  • Anglers 16 years old+ are required to purchase a fishing license.

Trips Include:

  • Rods, reels, flies – Or bring your own.
  • Snacks, water 
  • Lunch (on full day trips)

What to Bring:

  • fly rods…8,9 wt for bonefish  • 10,11 wt for cuda,tarpon
  • Polarized sun glass lenses-a must!
  • WF floating lines (tropical coating line)
  • Light tackle spinning rod (8-10 lb test)
  • Hat with a beak
  • Rain jacket/pants (ride can be wet due to wind chop)
  • Any needed medications


  • credit card information is required to hold a trip in the case of a cancelation. (No deposit necessary)
  • cancelations 10 days prior to trip…client will pay in full.