Fishy update

Fishy update

Merry Christmas! Here are a couple pictures from the past few days.


Been tying as many flies as possible in the evening. Hard to keep up!

Not the only bone fisherman around.

Had a chance to throw the fly myself the other night.

On the hunt.


Been hunting horse eye jacks along the flat edges lately.


Healthy catch and release practices.

Shark Casualty. Ended up opening this poor guys stomach and found a big crab.

Sight fishing for lemon sharks.


Cool angle of bonefish’s adipose eye goggle.




Clients have been getting the occasional shot at baby permit as of late. Opened one stomach (shark casualty) and only found snails. No wonder they are so hard to get to eat a fly!

Turks Bonefishing

Turks Bonefishing

Up until two days ago the Turks and Caicos bonefishing has been solid. Lots of bones are being caught and released with little stress. As much as I love taking pictures of bonefish sometimes it is best to take a mental one. A stressed bonefish will release a pheromone trail in it’s wake. Sharks have no trouble sniffing out the recently released and exhausted fish. Putting the pressure on a bonefish close to the tippets breaking point is a must. By doing so the angler will release the bonefish with plenty of gas in the tank.

DSC_4954Young Grant keeping the sharks at bay.

Turks and Caicos Bonefishing

Turks and Caicos Bonefishing

The Turks and Caicos bonefishing continues to be red hot. Big fish in big numbers are haunting the flats and canals in preparation for the up and coming spawn. Now is the time to hook into that 10 lb trophy. One client lost a fish in the teens a few days back. Remember the strip set. Trout setting is deadly!

tight lines,

Capt. Will


The Illusive Turks and Caicos Bonefish

DSC_1357Cuda Cuda