TCI Summer Bonefish

TCI Summer Bonefish

Water temps are up so concentrate your pursuit in the morning and late evening. The good news is the fish are done spawning and are hungry. Come around mid day try throwing out some heavily weighted flies in the channels. Fishing pancakes is also very productive this time of year. A pancake can be any small flat that protrudes out of deep water. Fish can come up on these flats for a few minutes and quickly retreat to the cooler temps of the depths. Incoming tides will bring cooler water then the outgoing as well. Just a thought. -Capt. Will

Got to love sight fishing in gin clear water! squid fly turks and caicos

Squidro. turks flies

The Purpetraitor Squid.
fish fly

Yosemeti Sam Squid.tarpon food

Tarpon food.