Turks and Caicos Evening Tail

Turks and Caicos Evening Tail

A guides day off. Nothing like stalking bones with a failing light. As the sun gets low the bones become more and more comfortable creeping up into the shallows. With a heavy wind added to the mix the fish push there streamlined bodies almost to the point of being beached. It is amazing to see how well a big bone can hydroplane in such shallow water. When it comes down to it. There is nothing like chasing golden tail in the failing light…Nothing!


Look into my eye.



Choose your pick.

Hooked on the grey ghost!
DSC_1428Miles of bone infested water

Turks and Caicos Bonefishing

Turks and Caicos Bonefishing

The Turks and Caicos bonefishing continues to be red hot. Big fish in big numbers are haunting the flats and canals in preparation for the up and coming spawn. Now is the time to hook into that 10 lb trophy. One client lost a fish in the teens a few days back. Remember the strip set. Trout setting is deadly!

tight lines,

Capt. Will


The Illusive Turks and Caicos Bonefish

DSC_1357Cuda Cuda

Turks Bonefishing

Turks Bonefishing

Had David out for a second 1/2 day today. Four bonefish to the boat and three eats. Batting over 500! I’ll take that any cloudy day.

Capt. Will


Leopard Bone.


first ever bonefish!


tiger bone.