Turks and Caicos Fishing

Turks and Caicos Fishing

The Turks and Caicos Fishing has been solid the past few days. Bonefish are staying warm on the flats and those higher up on the food chain are not to far behind. The tarpon are starting to make a push as well. We have seen four in the past two days. The silver king’s appearance has unfortunately coincided with the engine being on and us putting into the shallows for bones. Bad timing. Outside of the bonefishing,today we decided to spend some time on barracudas and sharks with some light 8 lb tippet. Got to love light tackle! We boated one lemon shark and lost a few more with tiny mangrove roots breaking the tippet like butter. Highlight of the day was a bruiser of a barracuda that took two magnificent leaps. Fortunately for us the fish did not land on the light leader allowing us to coerce her closer and closer to the boat.

-Capt. Will


Turtles Galore.


Bad to the bone!

DSC_1330TCI barracuda on the 8 lb tippet