Turks and Caicos fishing update

Turks and Caicos fishing update

Snuck out for a quick fish today. Saw some very big bones. Stood 50 yards from a draining canal and waited for the fish to come out of the mangroves. These fish operate on time every time. It is literally a 10 minute window on an outgoing tide.  Look at the camouflage the fish is sporting once I land her. Stunning. On a different note I polled off the flat and into a battleship barracuda. Absolute monster waiting in a deep hole for the bones to leave the flat. Seeing the fish from way out I was not able to set up a wire leader on my 9 wt in time. Drifting closer and closer the cuda spotted me 15 yards out. I threw anchor and the fish did laps around the skiff. I threw the fly at her many times in hopes of a territorial response. Just a bunch of mock chases but no grab. Big fish are no dummies. Good news is I’ve seen this same fish for the past 2 years now and I know she is a resident. Might have another go tomorrow after a 1/2 day guided trip.

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A relative of todays’ cuda.

A crab pattern for the up and coming full moon spawn.

Turks and Caicos Fishing Report

Turks and Caicos Fishing Report

A day full of adventure

The Turks and Caicos Bank never ceases to amaze me. The bonefishing has been off the charts lately. Fish are tailing on the reg. To add to the excitement I saw three tarpon in the 30 lb range while driving out of a canal yesterday. Only a matter of time to bow to the silver king! Those of you looking to stalk some bones or jump some sharks, please give us a call! Tight Lines. -Capt. Will


Mom and Dad with their pup safe and sound below.


 An overlooked species on the fly. Meet Mr. Bully.


Flamingoes have been coloring up nicely lately.